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Self Access Instructions

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  1. Login to

  2. Navigate to the Self Service Portal.

  3. Locate $ Pay heading.

  4. Select Go Paperless to opt-in to the paperless option for direct deposit vouchers, W2s, 1099s, and 1095Cs.

  5. Select the individual check link to open the option to view all year-to-date checks. 

    • If employee does not have a check for the current calendar year, no check history displays. o

    • Select the filter icon to select a quarter or last year preset. User also has option to filter between certain dates. o Enable Include Adjustment Checks, if applicable. 

    • Select Apply to apply filters.

  6. Select Download Paystub to download individual check details.

  7. Enable box next to individual dates to select multiple checks.

  8. Select Download Summary to download information for multiple checks.

  9. Select Tax Forms to view any applicable tax forms.

  10. Select Download to download tax form.

  11. Select < Pay to return back to portal. 

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